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You can support SCPL in several ways:

  • Tell us how we can best serve your information needs.  Call us, talk to a staff member when you’re in the library, or use the contact form on the website.
  • Request materials you want to see in our collections.  We want to offer the materials that you want to read or enjoy.  Call us, mention it when you’re in the library, or use the request form on the website.
  • Suggest a program.  What program would get you into the library to participate?  Who else would be interested in this program?  Who could present the program?  Is it feasible for a library setting?  Use the contact form to make your suggestion.
  • Tell your local government representatives that you value the library and its services.  Specific examples of the impact that the library has on your life enhance the impact of your feedback. 
  • Volunteer.  We anticipate resuming our volunteer program in the coming months.  We will be looking for individuals to lead book clubs, to provide technology assistance to other patrons, grant writers, shelvers, and speakers on topics like health and wellness, early childhood literacy, running a small business, or finding a job.  Stay tuned for our call for volunteers!
  • SCPL welcomes donations to support our work.  You can use the donate form at the bottom of this page or speak to any staff member the next time you’re in the library.  SCPL is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

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