Heirloom Seed Exchange


  • Share nutritional benefits of homegrown fresh produce with all members of the community
  • Help preserve heirloom plant varieties native to Southwest Virginia
  • Promote community learning and sharing

How to Borrow Seeds

The seed exchange library is located in the Chilhowie branch of the Smyth County Public Library system. It is open year-round and seeds are available during normal business hours. Seed packets can also be delivered to patrons in Marion and Saltville through the library’s regular delivery system. Any resident of Smyth County or neighboring counties can register and utilize the seed exchange library.

It’s easy to get started! To register, complete a registration form and select the seeds you would like to take home. Make note of the seeds on the registration card, then take them home and get started planting. Seed packets are arranged by plant type in the seed cabinet. Registered users can borrow three types of seeds per visit and up to nine seed packets per month.

How to Donate and Return Seeds

When you are ready to harvest the plants from the borrowed seeds, please save some seeds for yourself and return some to the seed exchange library so they can be shared with other members of the community during the next planting season.

If you would like to donate seeds to the seed exchange library, please drop them off at the Chilhowie branch library. Our focus is collecting heirloom varieties of edible and ornamental plants. Seed should be in envelopes and clearly labeled with the plant name, the donor’s name and contact information, and any growing notes you would like to share.

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