Seaver-Brown Funeral Home

In 1844, W. C. Seaver, a cabinet maker, moved from Wytheville to Marion and opened a sawmill and a cabinet shop. He later opened a furniture store with two of his sons, George W. Seaver and M. M. "Mert" Seaver. They advertised that they were dealers in furniture, hardware, stoves, funeral directors, and practical embalmers. This business was named W. C. Seaver & Sons. They also operated the Seaver Opera House which was in the same building. George W. Seaver and M. M. Seaver operated this business for several years until George sold his interest to "Mert." M. M. "Mert" and his son, Edwin Seaver operated the business until they died and then George W. Seaver and his son, William B. Seaver purchased it and renamed it Seaver and Son. After the death of William Seaver, Malcolm M. Brown, Jr., grandson of George W. Seaver, formed a partnership with William B. Seaver's widow, Margaret B. Seaver and they operated the business until 1964 when Malcolm Brown, Jr. purchased her interest. The name was then changed to Seaver-Brown Funeral Service.